11 October, 2012

El amor encantada - a found love story.

This beautiful Carta de amor de un extraño was happened upon in our beautiful and shining light beacon of a love house, the Light House. We simply came across it. From a lover unknown and to a lover unknown. We did not ask too many questions as we are collectors of love proliferations. We simply let it BE. And knew, once again, that we were and are blessed. And we now pass that on, lovingly translated and caressed by our Spanish speaking Magical Creatures contingency. Thanks darlings x

Amor. Cuando pronuncio tu nombre mis ojos lloran por verte; porque por ti soy lo que soy, una enamorada sin tiempo de olvido, por ser tu lo primero en mi pensamiento y lo primero en mi corazon.

Mi Amor, le doy gracias a Dios por haberte puesto en mi camino, ese camino que antes que tu llegaras estaba tan vacio y hasta el tiempo se habia detenido.
Hoy no hay porque temer al frio.
Hoy no temo mas al olvido si cuento, si cuento con tu cariño y tu abrigo.


Love. When I utter your name my eyes cry to see you; because I am what I am because of you, a love of timeless oblivion, a love that is the first in my thoughts and the first in my heart.

My Love, I thank God for having granted you unto my path, that same path that before you lay so bare, until then time had ceased to be.

Today there is no reason to fear the cold.
Today I fear no longer if I have, If I have your love and your warmth.

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