15 October, 2012

The Power Of We: Blog Action Day 2012.

Today is Blog Action Day, and the Magical Creatures at Found Love Hearts are filled with glittery joy to be taking part in this exciting global exchange. This year’s theme is ‘The Power Of We’. It is a celebration of what brings us all together, of what connects us as humans, and how we can work together to make a positive difference in the world.

Incidentally, the theme truly tweaks our heartstrings here at Found Love Hearts. Our blog, from its humble beginnings as two girls with one dreamy idea; to its now even humbler mission to a be as dreamy as possible, is proudly warming hearts, minds and souls across the globe. Our secretive mission is shared by an increasing community of Magical Creatures.

Simply put, we are collecting love hearts, love stories, and anything that falls under the banner of love in order to encapsulate the essence of our time here, to draw together those who believe in magic and to perpetuate it accordingly.

What began as a shared appreciation of love hearts between two creatures of love, continues to prosper as more of us turn to a most crucial and magical of missions...the mission of sharing and spreading all things LOVE. A mission to collect, document, celebrate, proliferate and above all else, share the boundless love that exists within all communities.

We did not know what we would find when we set out on this mission and the answers are nowhere in sight, for our mission is endless. We are always hunting, searching, seeking, gathering, fossicking, hoping, that you too, will come with us on this most magical of adventures.

It must also be noted that those who have joined our journey are now taking incredible steps to invite love (hearts) into their lives. And that is what happens. The invisible realm of the love heart kingdom becomes, well...visible. It has added much sparkle to our steps, and we invite all of you to share in this. There are no limitations!

This, dear friends, is our story.

There were once two little girls who lived in a deep, dark forest. These little girls held a bond that was magical, safeguarded by the secrets of the ancients. Their bond stretched over the forest and through the vines of the whispering trees, past the dark shadows and under the earth where the scarred roots lay, to a place where the Magical Creatures dwell. This place was known throughout all the lands, as a place where love hearts rest.

With glimmering pockets full of berries and gleaming eyes full of wonder, the little girls clasped hands and set forth to follow the trail of their bond. Together did they wind through the dark forest, twisting and turning through the heartlands of the elders before them. Across overgrown reeds did they leap, diving through the sweet lilac waters of the Eternal Forest, until such a time that they happened upon a very mysterious place indeed. It was, of course, the place where the Magical Creatures dwell. Not even a single word was uttered, not even a breath was drawn, before all the Magical Creatures joined in union, in a delightful love heart shaped formation. Up towards the sacred skies did the Magical Creatures soar, leaving behind them a trail of sparkling love hearts that scattered throughout the vast lands below. And from whence they came, did they once more return, and forevermore did love hearts spring forth from the sacred fount, the eternal quell.

Whenever one happens upon a love heart today, we are at once reminded that we too, are blessed with the ancient love heart lineage of these same Magical Creatures. One may be fortunate to find a love heart, or even many! These Found Love Hearts are no coincidental stumbling-upon. No, not at all. They are, in fact, evidence of the existence of the Loveheart Keepsakers of our land, a reminder of our connection to the protectorates of all Magical Creatures that exist, even today.

Go forth, find love hearts.

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